Pigmento Chark India

75 tabl.

7,40 лв

7,40 лв per 1 бр.

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Stimulates melanogenesis.  Promotes transfer of melanin to the skin. Helps in Conjunction with UV therapy.

Adult: 2 tablets twice a day. Children: 1 tablet twice a day.

Do's 1) Prefer non-spicy food 2) Consumption of vegetables having bitter taste like bitter gourd and bitter variety of drum sticks is recommended. 3) Exposure to sunlight is useful for 10 minutes in a day. Don'ts 1) Curd, sour fruits and food items containing combination of milk with jaggery and fruits should be avoided during and for three months after therapy. 2) Avoid exposure to heat and sun. 3) Avoid non-vegetarian food items. 4) Avoid incompatible foods like milk and sour fruits